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Wilts Roller Derby girls not bullied by Hereford girls.

British Champoinship Roller Derby Futsal Arena Swindon.
Neath & Port Talbot v Bedfordshire

Roller Derby scores at Futsal – Neath Port Talbot v Bedfordshire.

Some time ago I did a run down of Roller Derby and tried to explain the sport. I still don’t get the rules but it is fun to photograph. Here is the images of the first bout of Saturdays double header where Neath and Port Talbot had a rather easy victory over Bedfordshire despite having […]


Roller Derby hits town.

Once a year Wiltshire Roller Derby team come to the Oasis. What is Roller Derby. Check out our post from November 2012 http://wp.me/p3bQg2-1lh This weekend the main bout was against Central City from Birmingham. Wiltshire Lost the bout: CCR 177 – 108 WRD Men do Roller Derby Too. Their bout to follow.   Full Gallery:


Round two of the weekends Roller Derby: Wiltshire V Kernow.

It was not an Oasis of calm at the Swindon Oasis leisure Centre on Saturday as Wiltshire Roller Derby Played the Kernow Rollers; Enter the likes of Feral Perryl, Kamicassie, Kay-Lamity Jane, Amzilla from Cornwall and from Wiltshire, Trailer Park Trash, Miss Shell Shock, Nad ya Goddamn Business and of course being from Swindon Magic […]


Swindon an Oasis for Roller Derby: Dorset v Plymouth.

It’s the weekend let battle commence. The lines were drawn on the Oasis sports hall floor. The teams gathered in short shorts, tight tops, helmets, elbow and knee protectors, war paint, and of course roller skates. Yes it’s roller Derby. We featured a training session in our “What is’ sports series last year. This time […]


Roll Up Roll Up Big Roller Derby at the Oasis.

Wiltshire’s only Roller Derby Team host their first public game. Roller derby is a fun, fast paced, quad-based, contact sport that requires a lot of skill, agility and cunning to succeed. Originating from the US, the UK has seen a consistent rise in its popularity where it is now being considered as a new sport […]