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Swindon Cheerleaders show 
Lydiard Park Academy.

Cheerleaders show


Cheerleader celebrate at Oasis

Swindon Lightning Cheerleaders celebrated their second birthday with a show at the Oasis in Swindon. The evening featured displays from all their age groups and from the Cheerleaders form Lydiard Park Academy.                           Gallery of the show:


What no Pom Poms – Who are the Ligntning Cheerleaders?

The Swindon Lightnings don’t use PomPoms. Swindon’s only competitive cheerleading club, Swindon Lightning, is set to change perceptions of the sport; from that associated with the American movie industry, to a modern highly active and choreographed art-form sport. Describing the modern sport of cheerleading, head coach Millie Pall said, “Cheerleading is an extreme sport with […]