Dates for the diary – Speedway fixture list out today.

Speedway final first leg.
EXCALIBUR Communications Swindon Robins’ 2013 Elite League fixture List has been officially released today.The list starts with the Elite Shield against the old foe Poole on March 28th and finishing with the Elite League Riders Championship on 12th October.

MARCH  Speedway final first leg.Startline girls with Excalibur boards
Thu 28 Poole Elite Shield HOME
Fri 29 Poole Elite Shield Away
 APRIL  Speedway final first leg.Nick Morris and Hans Andersen
Thu 04 Lakeside EL HOME
Fri 05 Lakeside EL Away
Wed 10 Birmingham EL Away
Thu 11 Birmingham EL HOME
Fri 12 Peterborough EL Away
Thu 18 Reserved . HOME
Thu 25 Peterborough EL HOME
 MAY  Swindon Robins speedway v Lakeside Hammers.Nick Morris
Wed 01 King’s Lynn EL Away
Thu 02 King’s Lynn EL HOME
Thu 09 Belle Vue EL HOME
Mon 13 Belle Vue (provisional) EL Away
Thu 16 Reserved . HOME
Thu 23 Eastbourne EL HOME
Sat 25 Eastbourne EL Away
Thu 30 Poole EL HOME
 JUNE  Speedway v PooleCrowd
Thu 06 Reserved . HOME
Thu 13 Coventry EL HOME
Mon 17 Belle Vue (provisional) EL Away
Wed 19 King’s Lynn EL Away
Thu 20 Reserved . HOME
Fri 21 Coventry EL Away
Wed 26 King’s Lynn EL Away
Thu 27 King’s Lynn EL HOME
 JULY  Speedway v PoolePeter Kildemand and Darcy Ward
Wed 03 Birmingham EL Away
Thu 04 Reserved . HOME
Mon 08 Belle Vue EL Away
Thu 11 Wolverhampton EL HOME
Fri 12 Lakeside (provisional) EL Away
Mon 22 Wolverhampton EL Away
Wed 24 Poole EL Away
Thu 25 Belle Vue EL HOME

 Speedway v BirminghamStartline high


Thu 01 Reserved . HOME
Thu 08 Birmingham EL HOME
Fri 09 Peterborough EL Away
Thu 15 Peterborough EL HOME
Thu 22 Lakeside EL HOME
Thu 29 Reserved . HOME
Fri 30 Lakeside (provisional) EL Away
SEPTEMBER Speedway final first leg.Troy Batchelor
. . . .
OCTOBER villa_9506
Sat 12 ELRC Ind HOME