Kick4life – Lesotho’s heros.


Kick4Life uses the power of sport to transform the lives of some of the most disadvantaged young people in the world.

Shaun Jones and friends decided to raise some cash for Kick4life a sporting charity in the Southern Africa state of Lesotho by holding a 24hr football match at the Croft Centre.




What is kick4life?

We are a registered charity based at the Football for Hope Centre in Lesotho in southern Africa, where we deliver a range of projects aimed at supporting vulnerable boys and girls. This includes health education and HIV prevention, voluntary HIV testing, life-skills development, mentoring, support towards education & employment, and the chance to enjoy sport..

©calyx_Pictures_kick4life_2182Lesotho has the third highest HIV prevalence in the world (23.6%) and more than 100.000 children have been orphaned by the disease. It is also a beautiful country with a rich culture, and Kick4Life is committed to helping our participants build a brighter future for themselves and their country.©calyx_Pictures_kick4life_2432

We are also passionate about promoting and raising awareness of the use of sport for positive change, and we play an active part in several international networks including Beyond Sport, streetfootballworld and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

The best way to find out more is to sign up for one of our Kick4Life All Stars Tours with the chance to play football and be trained to deliver HIV education in Lesotho. It’s a great way to get involved.


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