The Storm hits Swindon after a 20 year lay off.

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Now that the NFL (America’s National Football League) regular season has finished and is moving into the playoffs, it’s the time when the British American Football teams begin preparing in earnest for the start of their season. Their plans will includes the newly accepted Swindon Storm who go into into the National League South.craig bishop vs Gloucester

After a long hard period proving themselves to the National League during an associate period, the Storm successfully completed 4 games against local rivals and have been accepted to play competitive football in the summer of 2013.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, American Football has returned Swindon.Swindonstorm_american _football_153

Now the hard work really starts with the preparations to be made for league games against such teams as the Bristol Apache, Bournemouth Bobcats and the Oxford Saints, giving another opportunity for a fierce sporting rivalry between Swindon and Oxford.

With the NFL travelling to Wembley Stadium twice in 2013 American Football is a fast growing sport in the UK once more and now is a great time to get involved.

Training starts officially on Monday January 7th, with the first couple of sessions dedicated to those who are trying the sport for the first time, so if you have watched the NFL on TV and fancied giving it a go, then don’t wait, get involved. You can come and try out with no obligation and the first four sessions are absolutely free to newcomers.

The Storm are a full equipment, full contact American Football team who will train at the superb sports facilities at Isambard Community School, Red Oaks car park, North Swindon Learning Campus.

Registration beginSwindonstorm_american _football_195s at 6 45pm and training finishes at 9 30pm. The first 4 training sessions are completely free and all equipment is supplied by the club. New players will need to bring trainers football/rugby boots, shorts T shirt and sweatshirt. No previous experience is necessary, as all skills are taught by the team’s qualified and insured coaching staff.

The team is accredited and funded by Swindon Borough Council’s Sports forum.Swindonstorm_american _football_defence

Head Coach Steve Bennett is looking for new players to join the ranks. “We have been developing the infra structure of the club over 2 years, getting the staff qualified and experienced and we’re now recruiting to push up the number of players.

Swindonstorm_american _football_389Every position in American football is almost a sport in its own right with the opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to contribute. Swindon Borough Council’s funding has allowed the club to buy enough helmets and shoulder pads to allow prospective new players to try the sport without having to pay for new equipment. “Rookies” can play their entire first season buying nothing more than a gum shield and a pair of boots.”

The exposure of the NFL’s international series in Wembley every Oct has meant possible new players are calling and emailing the club on a daily basis. Bennett adds ”Retention of the new players can be an issue when they realise it’s not for the faint hearted!”Swindonstorm_american _football_377

The club take the sport seriously, with several personal trainers and sports nutritionist available for personalised training programmes.

The club has secured sponsorships from local gym Pro Strength and Fitness and SNES Sports Nutrition retailer with benefits being passed onto players.

For more details contact Swindon Storm on the website:

What is American Football.

From Wikipedia:

American football, known in the United States simply as football, is a sport played between two teams of eleven with the objective of scoring points by advancing the ball into the opposing team’s end zone by running with it or throwing it to a teammate. Points can be scored by carrying the ball over the opponent’s goal line or catching a pass thrown over that goal line, kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal posts, or tackling an opposing ball carrier in his own end zone.

In the United States, the major forms are high school football, college football and professional football. Each of these are played under slightly different rules. High school football is governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations and college football by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The highest level league for professional football is the National Football League.

American football is closely related to Canadian football but with some differences in rules and the field. Both sports can be traced to early versions of association and rugby football.

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