28 degrees, must go for a run. Commonweal 5 mile race

Commonweal 5 Runners at the start

With a temperature in the high 20ies it must be a good day for a run.

The Swindon Commonweal School 5 mile event pictures and results

Thanks to Roger Bryan and his team for all their help.


Commonweal 5 Mile Prize Winners 2012



1st                   Nyle Clinton

2nd                  Gary O’Brien

3rd                   Chris Reade


1st                   Lillie Bellamy

2nd                  Sarah Wintle

3rd                    Sarah Sims

4th                   Sarah Hall

5th                   Ellen Lovatt


Veteran Male (40-49)

1st                   Gary O’Brien

2nd                  Bryn Mayel


Veteran Female (35-44)

1st                   Sarah Wintle


SuperVet Male (50+)

1st                    Neil Pringle

SuperVet Female (45-54)

1st                   Sarah Sims


Male (U18)

1st                   Nyle Clinton


Female (U18)

1st                   Lillie Bellamy


Male Teams

1st                   Swindon Harriers

Nyle Clinton

Gary O’Brien

Chris Reade

Female Teams

1st                   Swindon Harriers

Ellen Lovatt

Lillie Bellamy

Sue Green