Two teams start a new era with a draw.

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Swindon v Preston
Adam Rooney with Alan McCormack celebrates the Swindon Goal
Swindon ladies ballte it out.

Talking to fans new Chairman Jed McCory.

Swindon Town started the era of Jed McCory and managed by the playing duo of Tommy Miller and Darren Ward with a draw against a Preston North End side who were with new Manager Simon Grayson who was only appointed on Monday.

Adam Rooney pounces on a poor back pass for Swindon’s goal.

Two teams both playing under new regimes were destined for a draw and that’s what happened.

Adam Rooney scored with his first touch, he had been on the pitch less than 30 seconds as a substitute for Di Vita when pounced on a poor back-pass to settle a frustrated home crowd after a poor start to the second half.
Preston had earlier taken the lead when Swindon’s back-four switched off to allow Will Hayhurst grab an unexpected opener.
“We deserved at least a point after having the best chances,” declared co-manager Tommy Miller.

Rooney celebrates.

Final score 1-1.