Charlie’s Protein Chocolate Cake

Charlie's Protein Chocolate Cake

Another easy to make and healthy recipe for you guys who want to eat well but still have time to live.


250g Oats

2 scoops of plain whey protein powder (if you have chocolate protein powder redcus amount of cocoa added, to your desired taste)

4 table spoons of cocoa (read the ingrediants, make sure it is 100% cocoa, no added sugars)

400ml water

3 – 5 table spoons of Peanut butter (depending on taste. Again CHECK THE INGREDIENTS to make sure there are no added sugars)

3 – 4 tablespoons of honey


  • In a mixing bowl add all the dry ingredients: oats, whey, cocoa. Mix.
  • In a pan add the wet ingredients: water, peanut butter, honey. Warm until all are melted and mixture of smooth (ish, depending on which type of peanut butter you used).
  • Pour the melted mixture over the dry ingredients and mix together.
  • Pat down/smooth over surface (purely for decorative effect)
  • Cook on Gas mark 6, 200 degrees, for 20 minutes.
  • CHECK YOUR CAKE. If after 20 mintues it is still wet, cook for a little longer!

These recipes are guides for you to have a play around for yourself, the only way is to try and to exepriment so get fidling with those pots and pans!