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Banning English football fans.
Meca in Swindon causing a raceist storm by only letting in Italians for the screening of the Euro football on Sunday.
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Uproar after M.E.C.A ban England fans from Sunday night screening MECA Ban England Supporters SwindonEngland v Italy hasn’t even kicked off yet but it’s already causing big trouble for M.E.C.A in Swindon.The venue – which has been screening all of Italy’s Euro 2012 games live so far – have decided that England fans will not be allowed to watch the game there on Sunday night.Facebook suspendedTheir decision has attracted so much criticism on their Facebook page, M.E.C.A have decided to suspend its use. MECA Ban England Supporters SwindonAnd the decision has also been brought into question by Italians who live in Swindon, and who are looking forward to the game.”I’m embarrassed,” said Enzo Cognilio, “it’s a stupid decision. I can’t believe M.E.C.A would even think of doing this.”