Charlie’s circuits; all smiles.


We have not featured Swindon Powerlifter Charlie Shotton-Gale of late, so to put things right we checked out the Shotton-Gale Circ’s du Smiles Circuit Training at the New College.

What is Circ’s du Smiles Circuit Training?©calyx_Pictures_CSG_6703

Getting fit and smiling at the same time. Yes well….

In Charle’s words “You only have to push yourself as hard as you can or want to without worrying about being in anyone’s way, or anyone being in your way. There are so many fitness classes in Swindon to choose from, but Circ’s Du Smiles offers you a class that involves the latest research in to Fat Burning and enables you to work at YOUR pace.”

If you want to more about the science behind the training read up on the blog at.

The training sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday at new College with a different exercise regime on each night.

Tuesday’s fitness class is set as a variation of cardio vascular work and strength building to tone your body and burn those calories. This fitness class is designed on the bassis of HIIT [High Intesnse Interval Training] and focuses on burning the maximal amount of fat in the most effective way.©calyx_Pictures_CSG_6702

Thursday’s fitness class is focused on toning and strengthening your body by removing the cardio vascular section of the class and focusing on making each rep of each exercise the most effective it can be. A maximum of 10 per class allows the trainer to work with each individual ensure their technique and posture is perfect allowing them to push their bodies harder and further then they ever could before.

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