Swindon Powerlifter Charlie Shotton-Gale entering for the European Open Powerlifting Championships 2012 in Mariupol, Ukraine.
Charlie Shotton-Gale (28) started lifting in 2007 and won her first nationals in 2008, and she started lifting internationally in 2010.This will be her third European Championships, where having been placed sixth twice she’s looking to climb up the rankings in this years competition.This May Charlie is looking to push her personal best’s higher – squat 200k, bench 125k, and deadlift 185k – and see how close I can come to the british records.With the British Championships in July a confident Charlie said “I should win, but I am also going to try to break national squat and bench records in order to raise money for a Swindon based women’s charity, Breaking Free. “ (www.breakingfreesupport.co.uk). (http://www.europowerlifting.org/fileadmin/epf/data/Events_2012/European_Open/INVITATION__OPEN_EUROPEAN_2012.pdf)